Currently there are 30 countries where BIOFIN is implemented or where discussions to implement BIOFIN are ongoing. These include: BelizeBrazilBotswana, BhutanChile, Colombia, Costa Rica, CubaEcuador, Fiji, GeorgiaGuatemala, IndiaIndonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Peru, Philippines, RwandaSeychelles, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia. The number of countries may be expanded in the future. 

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Botswana Zambia Uganda Thailand South Africa Seychelles Philippines Peru Mexico Malaysia Kazakhstan Indonesia Guatemala Fiji Ecuador Costa Rica Colombia Chile India

In each country a series of assessments is carried out under the BIOFIN workbook:

  • Institutional review
  • Policy review
  • Expenditure review
  • Financial gap assessment
  • Resource mobilization strategy

The work elements are embedded in an overarching transformative process including:

  • Fostering of inter-ministerial linkages and collaboration: Setting up or strengthening existing inter-ministerial committees, with a strong role of the Ministry of Finance
  • Conducting key stakeholder engagement meetings and trainings: Initial & final national inter-ministerial dialogue; Training on the BIOFIN methodology
  • Capacity building: The project process is carried out by national experts, expertise gained to benefit future decision making.
  • Building awareness & making a business case for biodiversity: Ensuring high-level ownership and follow up on results.

A wider group of countries is supported to enhance resource mobilisation through regional workshops and sharing of resources on online platforms.