In Chile, all four components of BIOFIN are implemented:

I Reviewing biodiversity policies, institutions and expenditures

a) Policy and Practice Drivers of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Changes

b) Institutional review

c) Public and private biodiversity expenditure review

Status: Ongoing

II Defining the costs of implementing National Biodiversity Strategies

a) Biodiversity Strategies, Actions and Costs

b) Overall costs, projected expenditures and finance gaps

Status: To start late 2014/early 2015

III Developing a Resource Mobilisation Strategy for Biodiversity Finance

a) Potential finance actors, mechanisms, revenue and feasibility

b) Integrated and operational resource mobilization plan

Status: To start in 2015

IV Initiate implementation of the Resource Mobilisation Strategy

Status: To start in 2015

Related Initiatives

Country information: 

Chile has a high number of endemic species due to its unique geography, covering an area linking the subtropical north with the antarctic South, with the Andes Mountains shaping the western border. The National System of State protected Wilderness Areas covers around 15% of the nations' territory. 

Biodiversity Finance example in Chile - With support from IFC, Chile has pioneered investing in forestry through the establishment of the Lignum Investment Fund (Fondo de Inversión Forestal Lignum), an 8-year Private Equity Forestry Fund launched in 2006, with a finance volume of around 40 MIllion US$. It aims to support small and medium sized landowners in Central Chile with aquiring land use rights and the afforestation of eroded land.