An updated version of the BIOFIN Quick Guide to Resource Mobilisation is now available online

13 juin 2014

Governments and specialists around the world can use this tool to analyse and rethink the way biodiversity and ecosystems are financed in their country. The guide is based on the BIOFIN methodology as set out in the BIOFIN workbook, but comprises a more concise series of steps countries can undertake that do not undergo the full BIOFIN process. The guide follows the same steps as the BIOFIN workbook of: (1) analysing drivers, policies, practises and expenditures of biodiversity finance; (2) producing a detailed costing of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan while defining the national finance gap, and; (3) developing a resource mobilisation strategy to fill the finance gap in order to achieve the Aichi Targets. The document can be found here.