CBD SBI 2 Side Event: 5 years of implementing the BIOFIN methodology – what have we learned?

CBD side event
CBD side event

CBD SBI 2, Montreal, Canada – Side event

Wednesday 11 July 2018, 13:15 – 14:45 | Room 7 B, 3rd Floor - JUSCANZ

The Biodiversity Finance Initiative, known as BIOFIN, was initiated in 2012 to develop a methodology for bottom up assessments of biodiversity expenditures and national finance needs, and the development and implementation of finance plans and solutions. BIOFIN is currently implemented in 30 countries worldwide, providing structured feedback to further develop the BIOFIN methodology. In 2018, the first phase will come to an end, while the second phase is starting, with an increased focus on implementation of Biodiversity Finance Plans and solutions. The side event will provide an opportunity to learn about results at the national and global level, and plans for the second phase. 


  • Discuss results and plans from the BIOFIN process in countries   
  • Examine the most promising opportunities to institutionalise the BIOFIN Process    
  • Explain how countries not yet part of the programme can express interest to join


Introduction and snapshot of recent global results:

Mr Onno van den Heuvel, Global BIOFIN Manager

National results from BIOFIN Phase I (2012 – 2018:)    

Ms Crisma Rodriguez, Director of the Biodiversity Management Bureau, the Philippines

Ms Wadzi Mandivenyi, Chief Director for Biodiversity, Department of Environmental Affairs, South-Africa

Ms Mariana Bellot, BIOFIN Lead Expert, Mexico

Ms Ainur Shalakhanova, Environmental Finance Expert, BIOFIN Kazakhstan

Reflections from the CBD perspective:

Mr Markus Lehman, CBD