Conservation Finance

BIOFIN Mexico identified around 40 potential finance solutions for biodiversity, based on the results of the public policy and expenditure reviews, as well as the financial needs assessment. Of theses 40 solutions, the BIOFIN Mexico team assessed that only 16 were potentially feasible. Therefore, BI...Read more
By Massimiliano Riva, Kevin Jones, Mariana Bellot UNDP’s Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) has partnered with the Social Venture Exchange Mexico (SVX) to explore opportunities for impact investing in nature-related projects and ventures in Mexico. The objective is to diversify the means for f...Read more
In a richly visual new video produced by BIOFIN Kazakhstan, see how this resource rich country is tackling the challenge of financing its conservation efforts to protect its diverse species and vastly different ecosystems into the future. As Kazakhstan's economy grows so does the meed to safeguard t...Read more
By Mayra Casas Vilardell La iniciativa BIOFIN-Cuba realizó a finales de noviembre el Taller de Validación del Componente 2 dirigido a analizar los gastos en la biodiversidad. Luego de recapitular el procedimiento metodológico seguido por Cuba para la ejecución del análisis de los gastos en la biodiv...Read more