By Blerina Gjeka For as long as people lived on earth their survival has been interrelated with the use and management of natural resources, and most notably biodiversity. Forests, grasslands, farms, landscapes and marine ecosystems are not only home and a source of livelihoods to millions of people...Read more
By Midori Paxton Celebrating the International Day for Biological Diversity today serves as a strong reminder of the value of nature and ecosystems to human life and the well-being of our societies. We all depend on the complex and intricate web of life for our own living, but as some policy makers...Read more
BIOFIN is a global partnership addressing the biodiversity finance challenge in a comprehensive manner. The Initiative provides an innovative methodology enabling countries to measure their current biodiversity expenditures, assess their financial needs in the medium term and identify the most suita...Read more
From 25 - 27 February 2014, over 100 participants from the 19 countries participating in BIOFIN discussed progress and lessons learned during a 3-day workshop in Bratislava. Key issues on the agenda included an in-depth review on the BIOFIN methodology, and stocktacking of progress of both the BIOFI...Read more