Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

In the quest to ensure Zambia's biodiversity finance plan truly reflects the financing issues affecting key biodiversity sectors, BIOFIN-Zambia developed the documentary above titled "Biodiversity financing landscape in Zambia". In the documentary, biodiversity loss in key biodiversity sectors such...Read more
Chennai, India — BIOFIN member countries, government representatives, private sector, experts and academics from more than 35 countries gathered today to debate and mobilise more finance for the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources around the world. Well financed, sustainable biodivers...Read more
By Mayra Casas Vilardell La iniciativa BIOFIN-Cuba realizó a finales de noviembre el Taller de Validación del Componente 2 dirigido a analizar los gastos en la biodiversidad. Luego de recapitular el procedimiento metodológico seguido por Cuba para la ejecución del análisis de los gastos en la biodiv...Read more