BIOFIN's 2018 Workbook launched


BIOFIN launched the 2018 Workbook at the CBD COP14 in Egypt together with donors from Germany, Switzerland and Flanders and more than 100 biodiversity finance policy makers and advocates.

The Workbook was first launched in 2014 and revamped again in 2016 and this new edition in 2018. Through the innovative methodology provided in the Workbook, BIOFIN uses detailed country-level assessments to develop a biodiversity finance plan, drawing on qualitative and quantitative data, innovative methodologies, and expert input. It provides an innovative, stepwise and adaptable approach that enables countries to:

  • Assess the policy, institutional, and economic context for biodiversity finance and map existing finance solutions;
  • Measure and analyse current biodiversity expenditures, from the public and private sectors, donors and non-governmental organizations (NGOs);
  • Make a reliable estimate of the finance needed to achieve a country’s biodiversity goals, and compare this to current biodiversity expenditures and other resources available; and
  • Develop a biodiversity finance plan that identifies and mobilizes the resources and policies required to implement the most suitable finance solutions.

Read the new 2018 Workbook here.

Read the Executive Summary here.